Ready To Find Your New Home?


How We Help You

Step 1: Schedule Your Call

No strings attached phone consultation where we will assist with your questions and guide you through the next steps to the home buying process.

Step 2: Follow The Pre-Approval Steps

Fill out the application online and get pre-approved.

Step 3: Receive Your Purchase Plan

We will create a customized Real Estate Purchase Plan with your specific needs in mind so your house hunting can begin.

Alternative vs Traditional Agent

For those that want a different Real Estate experience, I can help.

Avoid Missing Work

In this changing market, homes need to be viewed quickly, but sometimes you can't leave work. I am flexible and willing to meet your schedule in order to get your house!

Avoid Interrupting Plans

With so many forms involved in a Real Estate transaction, taking the time to meet up and sign forms in person can be unrealistic in today's world. Mostly everything can be done virtually.

Avoid Misunderstandings

Have confidence in what you are signing. We will take the time to go over ALL the documentations until you feel comfortable and fully understand what you are signing.

About Jana Oman

I've been exactly where you are, right now.

Before I became an agent and knew I wanted a home, I wasn’t sure who to speak with. When I finally did speak with someone, they misguided me and didn’t inform me of all my options. Because of my experience, I am passionate about helping people make the right decision for themselves and their family! My job is to help you make that informed decision. You can do this and I will help you.

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